RRRobotica produces articulated robots for painting as well as relevant devices and accessories to be used in painting robotized systems.
The robot model ROBOSPRAY is suitable for carrying out the majority of tasks, since a large range of products for all painting techniques can be installed on its wrist.
A special handle with push button controls can be installed on the ROBOSPRAY arm, by means of which the operator can teach directly and easily the moves to the robot.
The list of devices and accessories of our production suitable for painting is the following:
  • Advanced software module for direct teaching
  • Universal interface module
  • Remote operator control module
  • Automatic device for cleaning spray nozzles
  • Device for direct learning
  • Device for dynamic painting of pieces in motion
  • Linear slides for robot with controlled axis "MOVIN" series
  • Rotary tables
  • Vision system for pieces recognition
  • Safety protection module with and without access

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