RRRobotica manufactures Mig-Mag Tig welding and Spot welding plants with gantry and articulated robots and a great variety of devices and accessories.

The most used robots for MIG/MAG welding are ATOM 10 and ATOM 50 models, while the GANTRY model is more suitable for MIG and TIF welding and GANTRY, ATOM 50 and ROBO SPOT are more indicated for spot welding.

Welding devices and accessories made by RRRobotica are as follows:

  • Advanced software module for welding control
  • Universal interface module for generators
  • Remote operator control module
  • Anti-tilt arch welding joint
  • Automatic device for torch cleaning and non-stick atomisation
  • “Positioner” series, controlled axis positioners
  • “Movin” series, controlled axis linear sledge for robots
  • Safety closed protection module
  • Safety protection module with gate
  • Safety protection module with photocells





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