RRRobotica manufactures robots for palletization and packing applied on "End Line" plants.
The most utilized robots for this kind of applications are the models BOX; ATOM 10; ATOM 50; YAK; THROW and GANTRY.
The plants equipped with these robots make it possible to give shape to a box, to put inside items and separators, and then to close and palletise the box.
We produce also devices and accessories suitable for palletization and packing, the list of which is as follows:
  • Advanced software module for cell management.
  • Universal interface module.
  • Remote operator control module.
  • Grip devices suitable for different applications.
  • Automatic stores for empty pallet feeding.
  • Power rollers.
  • Conveyor belts to feed items.
  • Box feeding module.
  • Feeding module for separators.
  • Vision system.
  • Safety protection module with or without access door.

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