RRRobotica ROBOTICA produces handling robots as well as relevant devices and accessories to be used in robot systems.

The most utilized robots for these applications are:

Several possibilities of handling parts and items are offered by our robots which are suitable to satisfy the most various requiremants of the industrial sector.
The list of devices and accessories of our production suitable for the handling is as follows:

  • Advanced software module for  cell management
  • Universal interface module
  • Remote operator control module
  • Grip devices of different types, either with grippers or suction cups
  • On/Off rotary axes for turning over of grippers or parts
  • Conveyor belt "CONVEYOR" series
  • Automatic pallet changers "AUTOPALLET" series
  • Rotary tables, "ROTOPALLET" series
  • Rotary rod store, "ROTOSTORE" series;
  • Slide for robot with controlled axis, "MOVIN" series
  • Vision system
  • Safety protection module with or without access door

Rapidly product access: