RRRobotica produces glass gathering robots for the automation of melted glass gathering from furnaces. With this type of robot it is possible to automatize centrifugal presses assuring a precise and a constant feeding over a long period. A suitable software permits the optimisation of the work parameters, making it easier the regulation of gathering weight.
The robot utilized for this work is the model GLASS that is produced in different types in order to suit the different requirements of the customers.

There are several devices and accessories of our production to complete a robotized system which are listed below:

  • Advanced software module for the robot glass gathering management
  • Universal press interface module
  • Remote operator control module
  • Pneumatic glass cutting shears
  • Personalized liquid cooled gathering rod
  • Heat protection system by pressurized kevlar sack
  • Controlled axes robot slide "MOVIN" series
  • Safety protection module with or without access door

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