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RRRobotica has manufactured industrial robots, plants and automated systems since 1978. This company, with its technical know how, produces anthropomorphic, articulated and gantry robots, complete with their hardware and software equipment, for a wide range of industrial applications.

Many years of experience in this sector have enabled RRRobotica to create and install both in Italy and abroad more than 2000 robotized plants meeting the most varied production requirements.

The best references of RRRobotica are the thousands of shifts carried out by its installations in more than 20 years of work in different fields of application such as loading/unloading of machine tools, sheet forming, plastics moulding, polishing, welding, assembling, painting, glueing, cutting and snagging, marking and still many others.

The electronic control unit, the software to operate the robots and their applications are designed completely in-house, making it possible the optimisation of a simple and powerful programming language. High quality, very precise and maintenance-free components such as integrated bearing gear boxes, brushless servomotors, digital drives, absolute resolvers and many others characterize our robots.

A RRRobotica special department is especially dedicated to the production of CAD CAM machines, with up to five controlled axes for high speed cutting also of big dimension parts. The design of the robots and of the main fixtures is carried out by using the most up-to-date instruments.

Customer service consists of customised project research, installation, testing and start up, as well as the training of the personnel in operating the plant. The direct assistance with qualified technical personnel, ensures a quick and extensive service both in Italy and abroad.