RRRobotica manufactures horizontal articulated and gantry robots for glue dispensing with relevant devices and accessories The most utilised robots for these applications are:
  • AXTRON and PATH for precision glue dispensing with one or two components
  • THROW for glue dispensing on large areas even with several nozzles.

The list of devices and accessories of our production suitable for glueing is the following:
  • Advanced software module for glueing
  • Universal interface module for dispenser and feeder
  • Remote operator control module
  • Bubble interception module
  • Automatic device for nozzle cleaning
  • Conveyor belt "CONVEYOR" series
  • Automatic pallet changer "AUTOPALLET" series
  • Rotary table "POSITIONER" series
  • Vision system for piece identification
  • Safety protection module with or without access door

Rapidly product access: