RRRobotica manufactures Articulated Horizontal, Anthropomorphic and Gantry robots as well as devices and fixtures for screwing. The most used robots are PATH model for precision screwing on medium sized parts and ATOM10 and THROW models for screwing on large surfaces also with several screwers.                             The range of screwing devices and fixtures produced by our company is below listed:
  • Screwing advanced software module with torque control.
  • Universal interface module for screwers and screw feeders.
  • Operator remote control module.
  • Control module of performed screw shot.
  • Screw feeding automatic device designed according to the type of screw.
  • Screwing tool designed according to the characteristics of the screws and of the parts to screw.
  • Conveyor belts "CONVEYOR" series.
  • Automatic change pallet "AUTOPALLET" series.
  • Revolving tables "POSITIONER" series.
  • Store of parts on rotating rods "ROTOSTORE" series.
  • Vision system for identification of parts.
  • Closed safety protection module.
  • Safety protection module with door.

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