RRRobotica produces robots for machine tool slaving with relevant devices and accessories for the deployment of complete robot systems.

The most utilized robots for these applications are:

Our robots can be slaves of numerous machine tools:
Lathes, gear cutting machines, grinding machines, machining centres, broaching machines, gear shaving machines and many others prearranged for front or top access.
The list of devices and accessories of our production suitable for the loading/unloading of machine tools is the following:

  • Advanced software module for the cell management
  • Module for machine tool universal interface
  • Remote operator control module
  • Different types of grip devices through collets or suction cups
  • On/Off rotary axes for turnover of collets or pieces
  • Conveyor belt "CONVEYOR" series
  • Automatic pallet changer "AUTOPALLET" series
  • Rotary table "ROTOPALLET" series
  • Rotary rod store "ROTOSTORE" series
  • Linear slide for robot with controlled axis, "MOVIN" series
  • Camera vision system
  • Safety protection module with or without access door.

Rapidly product access: